Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most common types of property damage. From broken pipes, to overflowing toilets and sewage backups, water damage occurs frequently and causes extensive property losses  – soaking carpets, destroyed belongings, structural damage, odors and mold.

You are Responsible for the Restoration Bill, not the Insurer

The most logical course of action when dealing with pervasive water damage, is to hire a water restoration company. They have the knowledge, equipment and personnel to best deal with the aftermath of a flooded home. Following an inspection of the property, the restoration company will provide a cost estimate for their services, and a binding contract. When you sign this contract, the responsibility to pay for the water restoration services falls solely on you, and not on the insurance company.

This is important to note, as, even if your homeowners policy covers water damage, the insurance company may in the end pay only a fraction of the water remediation costs billed by the restoration company.  That is because your policy may not cover all cleaning or remediation services you contracted, or not at the rate you contracted them. This is true even if the restoration company was referred by your insurance representative or insurance claims adjuster.

Your Water Damage Claim is Not Best Handled by a Restoration Company

Some restoration companies may offer to take care of the water damage claim process themselves. This is not something a homeowner should agree to, even if it seems a god sent at the moment. There is an inherent conflict of interest to this arrangement.

The restoration company’s goal is to get paid for as much as possible for their services, and not necessarily to help you recover all of your losses, like damaged  furniture and belongings. More than that, they do not have a stake in the claim process.  Even if the claim is denied, you will have to foot their water restoration bill 100%.

Hire a Public Adjuster to Work for You

A public adjuster will represent your interests exclusively and get paid only if you do. A public adjusting company has the resources, training and experience to handle your water damage claim. A restoration company does not.  The public adjusters’ code of ethics prohibits adjusters to get kick backs or referrals from contractors, for apparent reasons.

Therefore, either the restoration company uses unlicensed personnel to handle one of the most important document for your financial recovery, or they are blatantly abusing the industry’s code of conduct.

Contact Michigan Fire Claims Inc today to hire a public adjuster that works exclusively for you! We have been helping Michigan homeowners with their water damage claims since 2003, and have one of the best public adjusting and loss consulting team in the industry.

Steps to take if you had water damage:

  • Stop the water flow by shutting off the main water valve and assure your personal safety from electrocution (turn off electricity if needed)
  • Call the insurance company right away to report the damage
  • Contact a public adjuster to represent you in the claim process and guide you along the way for the best possible settlement and a full financial recovery
  • Before you start the clean up process, document all damage through  pictures, videos, and eye witnesses
  • Take immediate steps to limit the extent of further damage and salvage belongings: remove as much water as possible using mops, towels or wet vacuums, move wet belongings to dry area, use fans to circulate air, wash affected clothes – DO NOT throw away anything
  • Call a water damage restoration company to extract the water if needed and start the water remediation process
  • Save all receipts for services and purchases related to the water damage
  • Your public adjuster appraises and documents all damages, reviews your policy, files the claim and mediates on your behalf for a timely and advantageous settlement.

Have you suffered a property loss due to water damage?  Find out how our public adjusters, appraisers and loss consultants can help you negotiate the best settlement for your water damage claim. 

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