Fire Restoration – The right way

Fire Restoration – The right way

Even a small fire can create big odor issues that are very difficult and expensive to get rid of.   Slowly burning furniture or carpets release a thick, black smoke, containing hundreds of toxic compounds that will cover all exposed surfaces in your house, and enter through crevices in between walls and attic and basement spaces.  Your walls, floors, furniture, window treatments will be covered with a black, smelly, acidic mass, which, if not promptly or properly removed,  will damage them further, affect your health and leave a lingering odor.

Fire restoration is a complex, delicate process, and there are several steps for transforming a house damaged by fire into a smoke and soot free environment.  Once the fire was put out, the first thing you need to do is ensure proper ventilation inside the house. ( Don’t use wet sponges or wash any surfaces, as that may make the damage worse). Of course, you should contact your insurance company and report the fire, as restoration costs may be higher than you think.

By contacting a fire adjuster company like Michigan Fire Claims, first you get your damage assessed by trained, independent appraisers that will accurately estimate cleaning and fire restoration costs.  Having your own experts estimate the fire damage and the fire restoration costs will assure your appraisal is accurate, so you don’t have to rely on estimates from appraisers that are hired by, work for and serve interests of the insurance company.

We’ll be on your side!

Nik Kalaj,
Michigan Fire Claims Inc., Independent Adjusters & Appraisers