Property Loss Insurance Claim – Knowledge is Power

Property Loss Insurance Claim – Knowledge is Power

A property loss can turn your life upside down. Losing a home and possessions to a fire, flood and another disaster can be emotionally and financially devastating to any family. Still, right away, you have to invest your time and energy into preparing and filing the property loss claim. It’s only normal, to feel overwhelmed and worried about the financial future of your family. Just like a good real estate professional can help you sell your home quickly and at an advantageous price, or an accountant can get you the best tax refund, a public adjuster can be your trusted advisor during the claim process – to offer the right advice, assume the responsibility for accurate estimate and filing and help prepare and submit the property loss claim for the best possible settlement.

Does it always make sense to hire a public adjuster?

For a small insurance claim, it may not be very difficult for you to document and estimate your losses. However, for larger claims, especially when you lose the use of your home and need to appraise and document a large number of items or structural losses, you just can’t afford to do it yourself. By using a public adjuster, you make minimize your claim related stress and assure your losses are properly appraised and documented, for the best possible chance that your insurance claim is being paid in full.

Won’t the insurance company give me the best settlement anyway?

To keep insurance rates down and stay competitive, insurance companies have to protect themselves from large financial losses. They are by law required to act in good faith and keep their side of the insurance contract. Unless they suspect insurance fraud, they will pay out the smallest settlement they can without breaking the law. It’s not that they single you out to cheat you, but generally, your gain is their loss, and large losses are bad business for any insurance company. Not being versed in the insurance business, homeowners won’t even know most of the time that they are not being offered the best settlement.

Is it worth paying a public adjuster to help me with my insurance claim?

Public adjusters exist because they provide a valuable service to homeowners or business owners who had suffered a property loss. As public adjusters are paid on a contingency basis, and at the same time you are, their interests are perfectly aligned with yours. It’s in the best interest of a public adjuster to do the best possible work they can for you, so you receive a full and timely payment for your insurance claim.

See what Michigan Fire Claims Inc. customers have to say about hiring a public adjuster to help with property loss insurance claims:

When we think of the things we appreciate, we think of your company and employees work on the catastrophic loss of our home due to a fire.  The experience was a challenge, but with your company’s assistance it became a positive learning experience for us. We are most grateful for your compassion, vast knowledge and determination to ensure we receive a fair insurance settlement. Your company and employees worked very hard to ensure we reached a common satisfactory goal. For these reasons, you have our most deepest respect.

Michigan Fire Claims, Inc high standards and persistence allowed us to focus on the future and not be stuck in the day to day difficulties.  You all show how much you care for your clients.  it is for these reasons we would highly recommend your services to any individual or business to contact for assistance.

Timothy and Jill Hartman, Monroe , MI  | February 13, 2014


We were so happy to have had you recommended to us by a friend who had also experienced a fire. Nik met with us and took the time to explain our policy and the entire claim process. He helped us avoid numerous mistakes that could have been made. Michigan Fire Claims, Inc performance was simply fabulous.

Steve and Bonnie Dexter, Ionia , MI | June 19, 2012

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