Licensed Public Adjuster, Appraiser & Loss Consultant

Olivia is a Licensed Public Adjuster, Appraiser, and Loss Consultant. She has been helping people in the community meet their needs for over 10 years now. Her background includes working with homeowners to secure a proper mortgage in a timely matter as well as helping them to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind in safely protecting their estate through insurance policies. She brings with her to Michigan Fire Claims not only experience in the industry, but also an associates degree in Business Administration. She is consistently always learning new and improved ways she can help meet her clients needs in determining how to accurately and properly navigate through the insurance claims process while alleviating the stress and burden that most homeowners are overwhelmed by. When she is not working she is very dedicated to spending quality time with her friends and family or enjoying her hobbies. Her hobbies include reading, biking, and teaching herself to play the guitar.

Contact Olivia:

p: (248) 340-1900

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