Licensed Public Adjuster, Appraiser & Loss Consultant

Dave’s professional career began at the ages of 18 when he purchased his very first franchise. As the years continued, Dave became the owner of several successful businesses. It was during this period he learned the value of customer service. Dave enforces that honesty with the customer will always result in success. During the early 1990’s, a church Dave was familiar with experienced a fire loss. They hired a public adjuster to assist with the process. As a result of witnessing how dramatically the situation changed with the presence of a public adjuster, Dave decided this was something he wanted to do for a living. Dave became licensed as a professional public adjuster upon the sales of his restaurants. During his first eight years of adjusting, Dave specialized in the physical inspection of damaged homes and negotiated the personal property portion of the claim. Over his twenty plus years as a licensed public adjuster, Dave has represented hundreds of families and helped them through the stressful ordeal of negotiating with an insurance company. Dave joined the Michigan and Ohio Fire Claims team in 2013 and has been exceptionally successful in helping people through tragic losses as a salesman. Dave’s goal is to educate the insured on steps to take when a loss occurs, make sure they understand all of their options and inform them on ways to achieve a fair settlement.

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